The Ultimate Review Of Indoor Clothes Airers

Indoor Clothes Airers

The Evolution Of Indoor Clothes Airers

When something new gets into the market, they often say it’s an idea whose time has come. The first electronic four-function calculator cost more than $1000.

On the other hand, the first indoor clothes airers were very simple folding wooden items. Maybe even something made up in the garden workshop.

Indoor clothes airers were a must in the early 1900s. Coal fires were dangerous and wood-burning fires very much the standard.



From the wooden clothes horse came the wooden clothes pulley airers. Mainly used in the kitchen, it started a revolution on clothes drying. On laundry days the kitchen would turn into a “steamie”. A room filled with hot damp air.


Many thousands of households have turned to the tumble dryer as the answer to their drying needs. It’s just the same as switching an electric fire on full blast!

Try looking at the electricity meter or fit a plug-in the monitor which tells you just how much electricity your appliance is using.


Drying Clothes Free Of Charge

Today with energy costs soaring as much as 40% the cost of using a tumble dryer is very expensive indeed. It’s time to say hang the expense. By that, I don’t mean we shouldn’t care. What I do mean is fit an airer and hang your laundry on it. You will dry your clothes for free.


Sometimes the frugal money-saving ideas of yesteryear come round again, indoor clothes airers are one of those. You can fit a complete system – wall mounted – free-standing – in the bath and wall to wall indoor washing line.


Why Are Indoor Clothes Airers A Perfect Solution For Drying Your Laundry

My granny was a fabulous lady. I remember her using a wooden clotheshorse to dry the clothes on wet windy days.

Today’s modern indoor clothes airers do exactly the same job. In my granny’s day, homes came with clothes poles to install the washing line. Today, every home should have a natural drying system ready installed.


Here Are 7 Reasons Why:

1. Clothes airers use zero energy.
2. They allow your clothes to dry naturally.
3. They do not remove the body (fluff).
4. They reduce your carbon footprint.
5. They are oblivious to the weather.
6. No more laundry scattered on radiators.
7. No time wasted separating clothes into types for variable drying – they accept all.


Of Course, You Can Add More:

a. Indoor clothes airers give independence to the infirm or disabled.
b. Clothes airers give security by drying indoors in difficult neighborhoods.
c. They offer practical hanging for restaurants, bars, photographers, clothes shops, etc.
d. They are ideal for the housebound.
e. Made from wipe-clean materials.
f. Can be retracted or stowed away when not in use.
g. They are guaranteed for three years and are made from recyclable materials.
h. Wall-mounted models are complete with a template and a fixing kit.
i. They stop you from using your tumble dryer.
j. They create more usable space, especially in small homes and flats.
k. They introduce you to a natural cycle of processing your laundry.


Everyone has laundry – it’s part of being a normal human being. No matter how we may race against it, sooner rather than later we generate laundry. It’s one of those things no one talks about. You don’t actually send invites that say “pop round for laundry and drinks”.


When you install a clothes airer, or even better, indoor clothes airer system, it’s really time to celebrate. We all yearn for a natural lifestyle and the natural rhythm of the drying process which is as natural as breathing. When you install an airer you are using a natural process – truly a time to celebrate.


The Many Faces Of Indoor Clothes Airers

How many people can remember the old wooden clothes horses that our mums pulled out to dry the clothes on when the weather was less than favorable?

Once the electric or gas dryers came along, most of these airers went the way of the dinosaur for some of us. Others, however, have continued to use the old reliable. Since mum did it why shouldn’t we?


At that time we did not know anything about global warming or carbon footprints. We just knew that to get the clothes dry we had to find the best method possible. Now they are making a huge comeback.



In the UK these indoor clothes airers are finding new believers. Also, people in Australia, the United States, Canada, and even further are beginning to use them as an alternative to tumble dryers.

One thing has definitely changed and that is the types of airers that are available. Not only can you buy the handy clothes horse like your mum used you can also buy many other types as well.


One of these is the ceiling-mounted variety. These take great advantage of the heat that rises to the ceiling to dry your clothes much more quickly.

Some are made for lower ceilings so you can easily reach them. Others are made for higher ceilings and have lever systems so you can lower them to load them.


Wall-mounted Indoor Clothes Airers

Next is the indoor wall-mounted sort. These come in a few different styles as well. There is the accordion fold airer that collapses into a small shelf that is mounted on the wall. There are also folding airers that simply fold down flat against the wall when not in use.


Many indoor clothes airers also come in a variety of materials including wood, metal, and polycarbonate materials. You can also find today’s airers in many different models that are made for the outdoors as well.

No matter which of these contemporary indoor clothes airers you choose you can rest easy knowing that you are helping to carry on an age-old tradition while taking care of the environment.


Indoor Clothes Airers

Drying your clothes outdoors is great in summer, but for delicate clothes and on those days when the rain won’t let up, an indoor clothes dryer becomes a necessity.

Depending on your needs and the amount of washing that you need to do, you will find that there are numerous designs and models to choose from.


How Do You Choose A Suitable Indoor Clothes Airer

1. First, you’ll want to access how much space you have and how much washing needs to be dried. For smaller families, the fold-away or wall-mounted single or double line may be the ideal solution.

The fold-away designs are the most commonly used and when researching you should ensure that they are either made with plastic or chrome plating on the bars to ensure that they don’t corrode and damage your clothing.


2. For larger families, you may want to consider placing a five-line retractable wall-mounted design in your basement or garage. It is always important to consider how much air circulation the indoor drying area is going to get and if it is possible to keep windows open or set up a small fan to keep the air circulating.

3. For the elderly or infirm who still need to have their washing hung up, the low-level mobile models are best. They have wheels on for easy mobility and can be reached on all levels even from a seating position.


If your only need is to hang a few shirts or items that will dry well on a coat hanger, then you could easily use clothes rack for that purpose. They stack away quickly and easily and are extremely affordable.


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